November 7, 2011

Shopping For The Right Trucks in Ohio

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To the average driver of a car, trucks all seem the same. They move freight over long distances. However, truckers know there is much more to a truck than most drivers realize. In Ohio trucks for sale abound. There are many to choose from, and they all have different features. Here are the top five tips to consider when purchasing a used truck.

Truck Type

How will the truck be used? Will it only make local deliveries, or will it ship freight across the country? In Cincinnati used trucks can be found to meet both needs.

If a truck is only going to be driven locally, then there is no need to pay an additional expense for a sleeper cab. In fact, a sleeper cab could weigh up to 500 lbs. This is weight that cannot be dedicated to freight.

On the other hand, if a truck will be used for over-the-road (OTR) truck driving, then a sleeper cab is essential. OTR truckers will gladly pay more for a sleeper cab and sacrifice the weight they require.

Tire Type

Trucks that are used for off-road purposes need tires with off-road tread. However, if a truck is strictly used for OTR driving, then its tires should have highway tread. Tires with highway tread are lighter than those with off-road tread, and they are ribbed. Highway treads are about four percent more efficient than off-road treads.

A set of tires can cost several thousand dollars. Therefore, the tires on a truck should be factored into its price. For OTR truckers, using the wrong tires could cost as much as they pay for lunch each day. Any truck purchased should be equipped with appropriate tires.

Tire Condition

Are the tires on the truck virgin tires or retreaded tires? Brand new tires promise many miles of reliable service. Yet, retreaded tires can reduce the price of a truck. Since tires can cost a small fortune, the condition of a truck’s tires is worth discussing with the used truck dealer.

Fifth Wheel

Will the weight being pulled always be oriented the same way? If it will be, then a fixed fifth wheel is sufficient. However, if the freight’s weight will not always be evenly distributed, then a sliding fifth wheel is necessary. A sliding fifth wheel that is air actuated is the easiest way to reduce the burden of a changing load distribution.

Engine Type

The burden placed upon the truck will determine which type of engine is most ideally suited for the work. If extremely heavy loads are being transported, then an engine with high horsepower is needed. A truck shipping lighter loads can get by with an engine that has less horse power. Often engines with low horsepower are fuel efficient. Only enough horsepower to do the job should be purchased, so fuel is not unnecessarily used.

There are many factors companies should consider when they are purchasing a truck. These five aspects can help people evaluate used trucks.